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We aim to prepare a high caliber 3D artist with a unique characteristic in mind and relentless mentality to strive for the best.

Kintsugi Academy - Facts

Career & Future Prospects

*Including but not limited to

- Modelling Artist

- Texturing Artist

- Rendering / Lighting Artist

- Animator

- Creative Director

- Account Manager

- Studio Director

Skill Sets

*Including but not limited to

- Modelling

- Texturing

- Composing Light

- Creating Story Board

- Enhancing Image

- Creating VR Walkthrough

- Animating 3D Scene

Join Our Movement

*Terms and conditions applied

If you're able to pass our academy test with certain score/standard that

we've set.


We will directly offer you a chance to work with us, either as a permanent employee or as our priority freelance partners.

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